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Destructions of more than 100 Bulidings

Illegal Structures will soon be demolished.

A number of buildings in Bhayander and Mira Road that have been declared unauthorised by the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) may face the bulldozer. The demolitions of Oswal Paradise and Sagar building in Bhayander and Mira Road respectively are in progress.

According to civic sources, occupants of over 100 buildings may face eviction. The civic administration has also asked its 79 corporators to identify the illegal structures in their wards. The administration, say sources, is still to take action against erring officials and corporators who are responsible for the massive illegal constructions that have sprung up in the area.

In most cases, no society has been formed. In the case of Oswal Paradise on Mira-Bhayander Road and Sagar Building at Sheetal Nagar in Mira Road, the civic administration issued notices of demolition to the builders who failed to communicate the same to occupants of the buildings. As a result, residents were caught unawares when the demolition squad arrived to raze the structures.

Flat owners of Oswal Paradise and Sagar were unaware that their buildings were illegal till the demolition squad knocked at their doors. "Almost all of us have obtained bank loans and we have started paying the monthly instalments. If the building was illegal, then it was the bank's duty to reject the loan,'' said the owner of a flat in Oswal Paradise.

Residents of both the buildings that are undergoing demolition `alleged' that they were paying water tax to the MBMC. "The fact that we were getting adequate water supply and were paying water tax shows that the civic corporation was aware of the building and its status. Now, the local corporators are washing their hands off by saying that the election code of conduct is in force and hence they cannot do anything,'' said another resident of Oswal Paradise.

Though the residents of these buildings have taken temporary shelter at the homes of relatives and friends, they continue to make frequent visits to the builders' office to find a solution. Oswal Paradise builder Umrao Singh has been missing since the building was taken up for demolition on March 7. Residents have been running from pillar to post to get hold of the builder who has even collected a year's maintenance charges from the residents.